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Medical Provider 


Ciara Rios, FNP-C

About Us

At Esencial we are vested in the care and treatment of those in our community. As a medical provider I can support my patients and deliver a personalized, holistic care to each patient.  We believe that the best way to provide high-quality patient care is to acknowledge each patient's individuality and meet them on their level. Care should be patient-focused with the patient at the center of decision-making. Health, wellness, and illness should be viewed through the lens of the patient as a whole. Patient care should be holistic and compassionate with an emphasis on educating the patient while building a strong therapeutic relationship built on trust and best evidenced-based practice. I enjoy all aspects of family medicine but have a special love for elderly patients.

Ciara Rios is a Board Certified FNP and has been in the medical field for more than 12 years. She initially started her career as a medical assistant and once discovering her passion for patient care, she worked her way up on becoming a medical provider. She specializes in Family Medicine with great love for the elderly. She was born in New York and growing up lived in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Once graduating from high school she moved to the Sunshine state and all of her academic formation and training comes from the Central Florida area.


I truly enjoy helping others and educating them on how to improve their health. I also believe that patient care should be personalized, patient-focused with a holistic approach. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and my fur babies.   

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